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Sounder Lure Company, LLC is a company based on a fundamental principle that innovation in fishing will drive the next generation of fishing lure products.  We will deliver innovative ideas to the fishing market that will change the way diving lures respond to the fish and to the fisherman.  Our EZ-trieve Offshore Angling System brings a fresh new idea to the offshore fishing market.  Deep, high speed divers that allow the lure to be brought back to the surface, avoid most snags on bottom structure, and eliminate the pressure of a diving plane when a fish is on the line are revolutionary concepts that will allow us to re-invent the diving lure.


Headquartered in Florida, Sounder Lures engineers and designs all of its diving lures in the U.S.  Focused on the offshore market, we believe that quality design, color selection and reliable performance are the keys to putting more fish in the box, and doing it at depths where game fish lurk for their next prey.  The name "Sounder" was chosen purposely to signify our mission - which is to put fish attracting lures at depth, fathoms below the surface, and to bring them back again easily and without the strain of conventional fixed-bill diving lures.  We have 5 core principles that make us a successful product company and fishing partner:

    1. Deliver innovation to make fishing at depth simpler.
    2. Produce quality fishing lures that will perform at depth.
    3. Listen intently to the fisherman, who try to maximize their results in sometimes harsh outdoor environments.
    4. Create loyal and reliable partnerships with our partners.
    5. Act in the community to give our company a sense of purpose beyond our product line.


Patent#: 9,456,593  

Recreational fishing drives a tourism economy in some of the most beautiful places in the world where sport fishing offers anglers the chance to fulfill their dreams.  Ironically, these beautiful places are often surrounded by poverty - communities who do not benefit from the riches of the sea, or the millions of dollars spent on boats, fishing gear and travel.

Part of the mission of Sounder Lure Company, LLC is to turn some of those dollars into meals and hope for the children of these communities.  A percentage of every lure sold will go to purchase meals for children in communities left behind by their local tourism economy.  We will establish partnerships with existing outreach networks that provide meals, education and spiritual guidance for communities plagued by malnutrition, poverty and hopelessness.  We will add our contribution to their mission.  It may not be much, especially at first, but it only took a boy with a few fishes and loaves to feed thousands.  (Luke 9:16)