EZ-trieve Off-Shore Angling System

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EZ-Trieve Built-In Planer

The EZ-Trieve Diver is the first offshore saltwater diving lure with a built-in planer in the diving bill. A planer is a mechanism that snaps in place to create a diving plane - causing the lure to dive deep in the water while being trolled. The planer will un-snap from its lodging to eliminate the diving plane - causing the lure to stop diving so it is easier to manage for the fisherman. This solves 3 major problems that exist today with large "fixed-bill" diving lures.
  • Clear the Lines! If you need to pull your other lines in for a hooked fish that is running, or just bring your diver back to the boat to change colors or take weeds off – it is a difficult chore to reel that "fixed-bill" diver back in while you are still trolling. You now have a better diver. 
  • Avoid Structure Snags. If you are trolling shallow reefs for Grouper, for example, when the "fixed-bill" diver is at 30 or 40 feet down and hits an underwater structure – it is going to keep digging into that structure until it gets tangled and probably lost. This is a waste of fishing time, energy and money.  EZ-trieve planer can help you avoid deep water snags.
  • No Leverage for the Fish. When you get a strike from a fish and you successfully hook it, your "fixed-bill" diver is still fighting against you in the water, and depending on which way that fish wants to go, it may be able to use that pressure from the diver to get free.