Fire in the Hole!


The Sounder "Fire in the Hole" with EZ-Trieve technology built into the diving bill, is our version of the popular Fire Tiger patterns.  This diver delivers pure fishing performance in a deep trolling plug.  The lure planes to its diving depth quickly, but can be retrieved easily with the built in planer release in the patent pending diving bill.  The extra large 3D holographic eye attracts predator strikes on this durable, salt water resistant lure.  Balast weighting promotes a straight swimming action, while the waggle and rattle in the tail mimic a wounded bait fish.


  • EZ-Trieve diving bill
  • XL 3D holographic eye
  • Wounded swimming action
  • Thru-wire construction
  • 5/0 black nickel trebles
  • Balast weighting
  • Saltwater Resistant
  • Rattle noise maker



    Model Running Depth Body Length Weight  Hooks
    6FSFire300 35-40 ft 11.5" 7.5 oz 5/0 Black Nickel Trebles (2)